About "Bringing the Neighbor Back 2 da 'HOOD"™ Campaign

Afrikan Unity Initiative's community development component is manifested through the "Bringing the Neighbor Back 2 da 'HOOD"™ Campaign. This consists of hosting Community Assessment meetings which are hosted at community centers with the intent on empowering people to be the agent of change they desire to see in their lives. During the Community Assessment meetings community members are asked to outline the priorities in the area of things they would like to see improve, things they would like to maintain, and things that they would like to eradicate. An action plan is developed to ensure that these concerns and ideas are successfully translated into action. The primary people responsible for the completion of these projects will be the community members under the facilitation of Afrikan Unity Initiative.

In addition, there will be an entertainment component, which is done by hosting various events where we cultivate the social bonds within the neighborhoods i.e. (urban carnivals, screen on the green movie nights, community concerts, etc.). We will also promote economic empowerment by hosting networking functions in order to help entrepreneurs advance their businesses and to assist aspiring business owners to get established.

Many of the communities that serve people of Afrikan descent have come to be known as the ‘Hood, which implies impoverished residents and substandard housing accommodations. Through this campaign, we hope to bring the spirit of community back to these areas and foster a sense of ownership within these areas. Through these and other activities, we plan to change the face of activism across the globe. This model will work for any community because through the Community Assessment meetings each community gives us what their specific priorities are in that area, and this will be enforced internationally to truly live up to our purpose of Afrikan Unity.